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Final meeting of the participants of the HECAFS project in Khujand

The final meeting of the participants of the HECAFS project will be held from 12 to 15 August in Khujand.

Partners of the upcoming event will assess the implementation of the HECAFS project, the challenges faced and encountered during the implementation and factors having positive impact on the project.

Participants will also determine the necessary measures and conditions for improving the quality and relevance of higher education to the needs of the labor market, and discuss the sustainability of the project upon its completion (sustainability plan). Participants consider the elaboration of the final financial report and proper management of documentation at partner and project levels.

A separate day is scheduled to meet with colleagues of the Polytechnic Institute of the Tajik Technical University named after academician M. Osimi (KPITTU). As part of the project, this university has been actively involved in the implementation of new study modules and the purchase of laboratory equipment and educational literature for students and teachers.

Particular attention will also be paid to discussing the possibilities and necessary steps for establishing subsequent long-term and sustainable cooperation between the relevant government departments, universities and the private sector (enterprises) to train highly qualified personnel that meet the needs of the industry in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.