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National Association
of Small and Medium Business
of the Republic of Tajikistan

Mission, goals and objectives of the Association

Activities of the National Association of Small and Medium Businesses of the Republic of Tajikistan (NASMB RT) since the date of its registration (in September 1993) until the current moment include the following: protection of the rights of entrepreneurs, lobbying their interests, their capacity building, dissemination of information relevant for the expansion of enterprises/companies, developing partnerships and reduction of administrative barriers.

Guided by the principles of freedom, fairness and responsibility NASMB RT empowers and develops its members and entrepreneurs of the country to achieve economic prosperity, protection of business interests and social responsibility.

Expressing the interests of its members on the one hand as employers, and on the other hand, as the producers of goods and services, NASMB RT actively (in the framework of the existing legislation) participates in public and political life of the country.  In particular, NASMB RT is active in the preparation and implementation of major legislative initiatives affecting the development of business in the Republic of Tajikistan, in order to improve the business environment and to improve the country’s rating.

Main activities of NASMB RT are aimed at:

  • forming a positive image of the modern entrepreneur and the property owner in the eyes of the public, to popularize the ideas of entrepreneurship;
  • creating a favorable business and investment climate in Tajikistan in general, organizing activities to raise funds for various projects, assisting in establishing contacts with investment companies and international funds;
  • collecting and analyzing experience and knowledge of the most distinguished and influential business representatives in order to help beginning entrepreneurs, especially the young and promising managers, university students in order to minimize errors in the starting up and developing their businesses; organizing scientific, scientific-methodological and educational activities in order to prepare modern and advanced young candidates for future jobs.